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Amanda Osborne talking at Learning Networks

The benefits of International Credit Mobility for Higher Education Institutions

Amanda Osborne from the University of Warwick tells us about the benefits of International Credit Mobility funding (ICM) for her institution through a video interview. ICM funding offers opportunities for students to study and staff to teach or train in higher education institutions (HEIs) beyond Europe. It also makes the same opportunities available for staff and students from countries beyond Europe to come to participating HEIs in Europe.

The University of Warwick takes part in student and staff mobility within Europe and the wider world thanks to this funding. The university has received over 150,000 euro to partner with HEIs in Australia, Kazakhstan and Israel since ICM was launched in 2015.

The students are not only developing their academic learning, their wider learning, their personal development, but they are opening their eyes to opportunities that might be in other countries

Through ICM funding, The University of Warwick has been able to develop their link with Monash University in Australia, while developing further international ties in Canada and Japan.

Amanda highlights the benefits for the institution by explaining how staff are able to work more closely with staff abroad, helping to develop their own programmes through international collaboration. The students which the University hosts create a more international classroom, allowing other students to benefit from different outlooks.

She also notes how it helps the students taking part by learning about new cultures, developing academically and personally, and creating an international network. Students can also gain employability benefits and are introduced to international career opportunities they would not previously have been aware of.

To find out more about ICM and how to apply, take a look at our ICM application page.