Transnational Cooperation Activities

Are you a youth worker, trainer or teacher? Do you come from a private or public organisation working with young people? Are you part of an informal group of youth?

Are you interested in learning about best practice in other European countries, sharing knowledge and skills with experts and peers, training your staff and/or finding partners for your projects?

If so, then TCA can help you!

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What is TCA?

Transnational Cooperation Activities (TCA) enable Erasmus+ National Agencies (NAs) to collaborate and share best practice across Europe, so as to improve the quality and impact of the Erasmus+ programme especially to benefit the youth sector.

Who is TCA for?

TCA is mainly directed at youth stakeholders, including:

  • youth workers;
  • trainers;
  • public and non-public organisations working with young people;
  • informal youth groups.

Representatives from other sectors involved in Erasmus+, such as schools, higher education, adult education and vocational education and training, are sought where they can share good practice with youth stakeholders or take a collaborative approach with the youth sector.

What opportunities are available in TCA?

TCA includes a wide range of activities such as workshops, training courses, seminars and partnership building activities on themes relevant to Erasmus+ for youth, including:

  • tools to improve quality in international youth work;
  • inclusion, cultural diversity and intercultural competences;
  • European active citizenship;
  • employability and social entrepreneurship.

Taking part in TCA means you can:

  • create and/or extend contacts and cooperation with organisations coming from similar or different fields across the UK and Europe;
  • gain knowledge and practical skills on Erasmus+ and access support on project ideas;
  • disseminate your projects’ results at European level.

Who organises TCA events?

TCA events are organised and hosted either by Erasmus+ National Agencies in Programme Countries and/or by the SALTO (Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities) Network, the European group of eight regional Resource Centres working on the European priority areas in the youth field.

What funding is available?

Selected participants (based in the UK) will receive 100% reimbursement of their travel costs up to a maximum of €600. Accommodation and subsistence is provided free by the event organisers.

Applicants residing in other Programme countries should contact their National Agency.

How can I apply for a TCA event?

  1. Look at the list of projects in the upcoming opportunities section
  2. Read the 2016 guide for applicants (273 KB)
  3. Register on the SALTO website and submit your on-line application

Please note that the UK National Agency only supports specific projects on the SALTO Training Calendar. These are listed under upcoming opportunities.

For further information or if you are unsure if a project is supported by the UK National Agency, please contact us at

Upcoming opportunities

Opportunities across the UK and Europe 

Updated: 16 August 2016

Title Location Date Activity type More information

SOHO - European Training Course for EVS Support People


18 - 22 October 2016

Training course

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Apply by 28 August 2016

Appetiser - An introduction on how to use the 'Erasmus+ Youth in Action' Programme for international youth work Budapest, Hungary 5 - 9 December 2016 Training course

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Apply by 28 August 2016

Towards collaborative practice 2016. Forum on social innovation and entrepreneurship Lecce, Italy 28 November - 2 December 2016 Seminar/conference

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Apply by 5 September 2016

Bridges for Trainers 2016 Vienna, Austria 28 November - 1 December 2016 Seminar/conference

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Apply by 10 September 2016

Tipping Point – Understanding and Tackling Extremism

Sofia, Bulgaria 6 - 11 November 2016 Training course

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Apply by 12 September 2016

PBA "Make the Move III" Janeiro de Cima, Portugal 25 - 30 October 2016 Partnership Building Activity

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Apply by 15 September 2016

Breaking Barriers - Erasmus+ activities involving young people with disabilities Dublin, Ireland 7 - 11 November 2016 Training course

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Apply by 16 September 2016

BiTriMulti (BTM) - Multilateral Training Course for newcomers in youth exchanges United Kingdom 22 - 26 November 2016 Training course

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Apply by 25 September 2016

TICTAC - Multilateral Training Course to support quality in youth worker mobility activities under Erasmus+ Youth in Action Spain 13 - 19 November 2016 Training course

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Apply by 2 October 2016