VET Charter

UK vocational education and training (VET) organisations with a proven track record in organising VET mobility projects for learners and staff are encouraged to apply for the VET Mobility Charter. Please note that you do not have to be a Charter holder in order to apply for Erasmus+ funding for VET projects.

     How to apply     

What is the Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter?

A Call for Proposals for the award of the VET Mobility Charter is held annually. The Charter aims to reward and promote quality in mobility enabling sending organisations to further develop their international strategies. Charter holders benefit from streamlined procedures, including the application process, the organisation of mobility projects, and reporting activities. The VET Charter aims to reward and promote organisations, as well as continuing to develop quality in mobility.

Has your organisation held the Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Certificate under the former Lifelong Learning programme (2007-2013)? If so, you can refer to this in the VET Mobility Charter application form to exemplify past experience.

Who can apply?

The Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter is not compulsory. If your organisation has previous experience of running mobility projects (such as those through the former Leonardo programme), and the vision to further internationalise your organisation and build transnational VET mobility into that strategy, the Charter may be relevant for you. VET consortia may also apply for the Charter.

Alternatively, organisations without previous experience of running VET projects or smaller, more specialised organisations without plans to further internationalise, may wish to apply for single mobility projects through the Erasmus+ yearly Call.

For more information about the Erasmus+ VET Charter and eligibility we would recommend reading the relevant sections of the Programme Guide and the Commission's Go international: Practical Guide on Strategic Internationalisation in VET (4.8 MB).

Award of Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter

If awarded the Charter, you will be eligible to make simplified yearly applications and reports under general Erasmus+ Calls. Subject to continued satisfactory performance, this will last for the remaining duration of the programme.

How to apply

In 2019 there was one application deadline for the VET Mobility Charter on 16 May (11 am, UK time), and this has now passed.

The 2019 guidance notes (804 KB) along with a recorded webinar, produced by the UK National Agency, are available for reference purposes only and provides an overview of applying for the VET Mobility Charter under the 2019 Call.

Read our webpage for the latest information on Erasmus+ and the EU transition period.

Who should I contact?

If you have any questions about this activity, please contact Ecorys UK by email or telephone: 0121 212 8947.