What can I do?

How can Erasmus+ help you?

Erasmus+ offers exciting opportunities for UK participants to study, work, volunteer, teach and train abroad in Europe. It is aimed at students, trainees, apprentices, pupils, adult learners, young people, volunteers, professors, teachers, trainers, youth workers and professionals of organisations active in the education, training and youth sector.

Taking part in the programme helps you to develop personally and professionally; you will gain valuable international experience, broaden your horizons, experience new cultures and discover new ways of working. Erasmus+ is of particular benefit to young people who can learn new skills to improve their employability, acquire life skills, and develop their confidence.


Education, training, youth and sport organisations across all sectors of lifelong learning can apply for funding to offer opportunities to their staff and learners and to take part in innovative projects to improve practice and influence policy. Erasmus+ is aimed at further and higher education institutions, schools, and vocational education, adult education and youth organisations actively involved in delivering formal and non-formal education, training and youth work, as well as organisations delivering sporting activities. Organisations could be educational institutions, local authorities, public or private organisations (such as small, medium or large enterprises, social enterprises, non-profit organisations, associations and non-governmental organisations), public sporting bodies, sporting organisations, leagues, and clubs at any level. Please note that the legal basis of the programme is such that participation of sole traders, partnerships and unincorporated associations in Erasmus+ is strictly limited. You can consult the Erasmus+ Programme Guide and the UK application guidance for further details or contact us to find out if your organisation is eligible to take part in the programme.


Erasmus+ supports higher education students to study abroad for up to one year in another European university or to gain valuable international work experience in a European organisation. Apprentices and students in further or vocational education can also benefit from an international experience by taking part in a traineeship abroad or attending a European VET school.

Young people

Young people and those working in the youth sector can take part in a youth exchange or a volunteering scheme.


Staff, teachers, lecturers and support staff, including volunteers and youth workers, can explore best practices and gain professional development through teaching or training abroad.