Where can I go?

Europe is such a diverse and exciting region - culturally, historically, politically and geographically - you are bound to find somewhere that suits your learning or training needs. With 33 participating Programme Countries to choose from, you could be travelling to the midnight sun of Iceland or the eastern markets of Istanbul.

Outside of the UK, there are 27 EU countries, including their Overseas Countries and Territories, and five non-EU countries (Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Liechtenstein and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) where you can go during your Erasmus+ project. It may also be possible to go to additional ‘Partner Countries’. Further information can be found on Erasmus+ Participating Countries page.

You will need to check with your sending institution, organisation or school as to where you can go within these groups, as it will depend on their agreements, partnerships and priorities. Your destination will always be the place that offers the best learning opportunity for you.