Youth funding

There is a wide range of opportunities under Erasmus+ for youth organisations and groups working with young people.

Ready to apply?

Decentralised activities

Centralised activities

Ready to apply?

There are various requirements to fulfil before you apply.

Decentralised activities

Mobility for young people and youth workers (Key Action 1)

Whether you are a youth worker, or part of a youth organisation, Key Action 1 is the funding strand that applies to you as an individual. It is about learning mobility which would usually mean spending a planned period of learning in another country.  There are three activities: youth exchanges; training/networking for youth workers; and Volunteering projects. Find out more about youth mobility funding.

Partnerships funding (Key Action 2)

Youth organisations and informal groups of young people can take part in collaborative projects under Key Action 2, known as strategic partnerships, which aim to improve and develop innovate youth work practices. Please visit the youth partnerships webpage.

Partnerships in more than one sector (Key Action 2)

UK organisations involved in higher education, vocational education and training, school education, adult education, and youth can apply for funding to run collaborative projects aimed at improving provision across more than one sector. Find out more about applying for funding for Strategic Partnerships in more than one sector.

Shape youth policy: meetings between young people and decision-makers (Key Action 3)

Also called Structured Dialogue funding, these Key Action 3 projects give young people the opportunity to interact with decision-makers on issues of concern to young people and to influence policy. Find out more about youth dialogue funding.

Centralised activities

These are run by the European Commission’s Executive Agency in Brussels. You can find out more about the Executive Agency and how Erasmus+ works on our how is Erasmus+ run? page.

Capacity building: sharing best practice, promoting cooperation, and cultivating new practices in youth work (Key Action 2)

Capacity building projects focus on transnational partnerships between organisations working with young people, that work together to identify ways to improve services delivered to young people. Find out more about capacity building funding.


Sport activities are aimed at improving grassroots sports provision to tackle threats such as doping and match fixing and to increase inclusion and promote sport for all.


Who should I contact?

If your question is about Key Action 1 youth, please contact Ecorys UK by email or telephone 0121 212 8947.

If you have questions about Key Action 2 youth or Key Action 3, please contact the British Council by email or telephone 0161 957 7755.

If you have any questions about European Solidarity Corps please email the dedicated team.