Impact and evaluation

Searching for inspiration for evaluating the impact of your project? Have a look at the resources below for some ideas. 

Impact+ Exercise

The Impact+ Exercise has been developed to help applicants and projects think about what their impact could be and how to measure it.  

The exercise involves a workshop and just needs you, your partners and the Impact+ Exercise materials.

The video guide below explains how it works and is available with subtitles in English and several other languages.

As well as the video guide, the Impact+ Exercise materials provide you with an Impact+ Exercise exercise table, a workshop guide and both a blank and text version of the Impact+ Tool. 

You can download these materials and watch the video guide in English:

The materials and video guides are also available in other languages.

Impact+ Exercise materials (other languages)

Download the materials and watch the video guide in different languages using the links below.

Impact and evaluation resources

The resources below will help you to evaluate the impact of your project without having to start from scratch. There are guides, research methods and articles among other materials that can act as practical tools in order for you to understand more about your project's impact. 

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Logic models and theory of change

You can use these guides to demonstrate how your project activities will result in the impact you want. You can also try our own Impact+ Exercise.

Indicator frameworks and tools

You will need some indicators to help you measure your impact but you don’t have to create them yourself. These indicator frameworks have a range of indicators you can use or adapt.

Good practice guides

Many professional societies publish free guides for research and evaluation. They can also be a good source for research and evaluation training and informal or expert advice.

  • Alliance for Useful Evidence - a network championing the use of evidence in social policy and practice. They have a range of research resources, advice, articles and events available;
  • British Educational Research Association - research association for academics and researchers involved in education research. They provide guidance on ethics, methods, theories of research and communication and dissemination;
  • Market Research Society - a professional association for market researchers. They have guides on research ethics, conducting, analysing and commissioning research;
  • Social Research Association - a professional association for social research professionals. Their website includes guidance on ethics, commissioning research and a range of blogs and articles about conducting research;
  • Social Value UK - a network for those interested in social value and social impact. They have guides on all aspects of Social Return on Investment and social value;
  • United Kingdom Evaluation Society - they provide articles and guidance on good evaluation practice.