Impact assessment resources

Searching for inspiration for your impact and evaluation? Have a look at the resources below for some ideas. 

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Impact+ Exercise

The UK NA has developed the Impact+ Exercise to help applicants and projects think about what their impact could be and how to measure it.  

The exercise involves a workshop and just needs you, your partners and the Impact+ Exercise materials. Watch the video guide below to find out more. It is also available with subtitles in English, French and German.

Download the materials in English using the links below:

Some Impact+ Exercise materials have been translated with the help of the EPALE UK National Support Service and other Erasmus+ National Agencies. Download the materials below:

  • Impact+ Exercise Workshop Guide

SE (689 KB) | SI (781 KB) | LT (1.0 MB)

  • Impact+ Tool (text version)

DE (620 KB) | ES (870 KB) | FR (868 KB) | HR (609 KB) | IT (820 KB) | LT (604 KB) |

PL (217 KB) | SE (677 KB) SI (639 KB) | SK (485 KB) 

  • Impact+ Tool (blank version)

DE (594 KB) | ES (555 KB) | FR (536 KB) | HR (599 KB) | IT (531 KB) | LT (598 KB) |

PL (211 KB) | SE (658 KB) SI (604 KB) | SK (431 KB) 

Learning Networks

If you are interested in finding out more about the experiences other projects have had with their impact assessment, why not take a look at the materials from our Measuring Impact workshops at previous Learning Networks events? 

Logic models and theory of change

Indicator frameworks and tools

Research and evaluation